• Adaptation to all hair types: With its 3 operating modes (Soft, normal, quick-drying and styling), it is sure to adapt to your hair and the effect you want to achieve.
  • Variety of accessories: Integrates 2 nozzles (thick and concentrator), and a diffuser. They are very practical accessories for day to day.
  • Quality motor: The motor has a power of 1600W, which allows developing a capacity of 13 liters of air per second (at 110,000 revolutions per minute).
  • Lightweight: This dryer only weighs 618 grams, a fact that makes it one of the lightest models on the market.


  • The problem with the dyson hair dryer is its high price. In return we will take home an incomparable professional model.
Design: Advanced design, completely futuristic, that breaks with everything.
Power: Power of 1600W, perfect to treat the hair how we want.
Accessories: Bring all the appropriate accessories to facilitate hair treatment.
Technology: Its technology is also revolutionary, achieving perfect results.
Price: The price shoots up, although it is justified by its high number of benefits.

Final Verdict

Is the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer worth buying? The truth is that as soon as we see the price we may back down. However, the functions that it integrates are very varied, allowing us to dry the hair or shape it at different temperatures. In addition, it has been designed with high-quality materials, so it is prepared to last practically for life. Opinions recommend it, considering it as the hair dryer of the moment.

The Dyson supersonic integrates great design and pioneering technology on the market. So much so that at first glance, it doesn’t even look like a hair dryer.

It is capable of drying much faster, protecting the hair at the same time, and offering us a whole series of functions that we are going to love.

Here we detail everything it is capable of doing.

Dyson supersonic dryer features


The body of the Dyson supersonic hair dryer consists of a thick hole from which air is emitted. The motor integrates it in the handle itself (and not in the head as usual).

It also has a magnetic end in which we can add different elements to improve the drying process: for example, special nozzles that adapt automatically, without having to screw them. It will be a matter of bringing them closer together, and they will dock without further ado.

It also integrates negative ion emission technology, ideal for eliminating static electricity in the hair and, therefore, the dreaded frizz.


The power of the dryer is 1600W. Thanks to its revolutionary air outlet, it can collect and boost it, increasing the flow, making it 3 times more powerful than its competitors.

But what has certainly not gone unnoticed among the Dyson supersonic dryer’s reviews is that the device has a particular processor with which you can limit the power so that it does not raise the temperature above the degrees that we have chosen.

Air velocities

The flow rate can be regulated in 3 different modes. We will choose them depending on whether we intend to achieve a standard type of drying, a moulding or a smart drying.

Depending on the function and the mode we have chosen, different LEDs located on its structure will be activated. So we can know which mode is active at all times and not make mistakes.

Dyson Supersonic

Heat levels

We can regulate the colour level between 4 different options:

  • Normal drying: At a temperature of 80ºC.
  • Gentle drying: Temperature of 60ºC, specially designed for more fragile hair.
  • Fast drying and moulding (2 functions at the same time): Temperature of 100ºC.

This control will help us to adapt the dryer to any hair and situation.

The dryer has 4 buttons accessible from the lower area of ​​the handle and head, with which we can control the operation at all times. A switch is to turn it on or off and have two buttons to control the airflow speed and temperature.

Cold airflow

In the previous section, we have commented that the Dyson had four options, but the last one is somewhat different from the previous ones. And it is that it emits a flow of cold air at 28ºC. This function will be activated thanks to the fourth button.

The truth is that it is called cold airflow, although it is rather warm.

It is usually used to fix the hairstyle that we have made or dry our hair when summer arrives (so as not to get hot).


The cable’s size is not indicated anywhere on its product sheet; We have checked the opinions of the dryer, and we have not found this data either.

We assume that the length will be standard, 1.8m so that we do not have problems when reaching the closest outlet.


It has a thick straightening nozzle and a diffuser and flow concentrator nozzle. As we have already mentioned, they are magnetic, to achieve an effortless placement.

Also, these accessories have been made with a technology known as Heat Shield from so cold; This means that we can manipulate them at all times without the risk of burning ourselves.

The brand has spent four years developing the Supersonic hair dryer. As indicated, this device developers have used more than 1625 km of hair to test their results. That is why it can determine the hair’s limits, preventing it from drying out or breaking.

hair dryer

Is Dyson supersonic different hair dryer?

One of the Dyson brand peculiarities is that its products tend to have elegant and modern designs, but also very functional. With this dryer, Dyson Supersonic has taken a step further, as it looks more like a device out of some futuristic movie than a professional dryer.
You can realize that it is different from any other hair dryer you have ever seen by looking at it. Still, the Dyson Supersonic stands out from the competition for its exterior and interior, as it is a true engineering genius today.
In addition to fulfilling its primary function, which is to dry the hair, it also does it in a matter of seconds. And if you add its fabulous negative ion technology (like straighteners), the result is a dryer that takes care of your hair and adds shine.
On the other hand, it is much lighter than the other dryers on the market and smaller. This feature is because it has a supersonic motor, as its name indicates, located in its handle and not in the head.

One of the Dyson brand peculiarities is that its products tend to have elegant and modern designs, but also very functional. This dryer makes it easy to use by concentrating most of your weight on the handle. It also avoids a common accident of your hair. Something that I loved.
The Dyson dryer’s avant-garde design is not only about displaying an eye-catching product that is pleasing to the eye. The way it was built directly impacts its quality and operation, as it is practically indestructible.
I can tell you that I have accidentally dropped mine a couple of times and freaked out, but one of its advantages is that it is highly resistant and durable. It keeps working like nothing.

How does it work?

The way this dryer works is also different from the others. You will think that for such a sophisticated device it has very few buttons. But the intention is to simplify its use, and that is why it only has 4 buttons.

Also, all those buttons are located on the back of its handle and head. So with one hand, even one finger, you can reach them all.

One of those buttons is typical on/off button, and the other is the one that enables cold air.

The other two buttons are part of the innovation provided by the Dyson Supersonic. Since with them you can control both the airflow and its temperature.

Thanks to these control buttons, you can obtain 3 types of drying: standard, fast and moulded. Although even normal mode can be faster than other dryers.

Having said all this, you may still be wondering what is different in its operation so that it does not damage my hair?

Well, this dryer incorporates a glass thermostat that is housed in the head and a chip. So it has the incredible ability to measure the heat emitted up to 20 times per second and then pass this information to the processor (thanks to its chip).

This means that each time the temperature degrees are not exceeded, its power is limited to exceeding the heat and avoiding damage to the hair.

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