Final Verdict

The simplicity of its installation, the organization of the content and the speed of reaction, make Fire TV Stick Lite a good option to bring streaming to your TV.

Although, for a few years now, the televisions that have been bought at home are โ€œsmartโ€, in many cases this intelligence is diminished by factors such as updates or my internet network, to name a few reasons, which has made Accessing apps from the main screen becomes a bit slow, so we have chosen to have some external devices to have these functionalities at hand.

For a few years, our input device for this was a Roku, however, we recently purchased a Fire Stick from Amazon and I also had a chance to test the Lite version of this device.ย For the purposes of this review, I will talk about the latter.

At first, this allows me to have a certain comparison between the devices.ย While Roku had a good reaction to my demand for content, in the case of Amazon, it is much faster and better organized.


When entering the interface, the Fire TV Stick Lite clearly prioritizes Amazon content at the top, however, I have access to the other streaming services that I normally use such as Netflix, Apple TV +, YouTube and now Disney +, for which in that sense I have no problem to get to my content in a simple way.ย You also have access to music streaming services like Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer.

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Alexa button

It also has Alexa integrated into a button on the control, which works very well for Amazon content, and allows you to find the content I want through my voice in a simple way, if you don’t want to use it like that, you can also link it with a device Echo or a speaker with Alexa built-in.ย You can even have an application from your phone to use it as a control, but in my case, it was not necessary to download it.

Now, with these devices we have some limitations, on the one hand, it plays 1080p HDR videos and 60 fps, plus it does not support Dolby Atmos sound.ย That is to say, it is a device that serves you day to day but not if you want to put a video and sound masterpiece on your television.

Easy installation

Installation is quite simple.ย The device has an HDMI input that goes directly to the TV, in case this is uncomfortable, it has an “extender” that allows you to connect it without a problem.ย Once this is done, the first thing you will need is to choose the language of your device and settings, then you will have to search the network to connect and log in with an Amazon account or generate a new account.

From here, you can even connect the device with other Amazon equipment or those compatible with Alexa and also control them with your voice.

Overall, I have a good impression of this device.ย It does what it promises: it is easy to install and use, the interface is clean and tidy, it has access to the content and it doesn’t bother me at all that the content is HD and does not have Dolby Atmos sound when it comes to watching the series that I normally consume on mobile devices.


This device has a cost of around ยฃ29.99 and, being part of Amazon, you have the advantage of having it at home practically the next day if you have a Prime subscription.

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