Till a few years ago, the most expensive technology that existed was 4K, so TVs of this type were one of the most costly on the market. Today, although these are still in mass production by manufacturers, it has competition with 8K TVs has arrived.

Are 8K TVs worth buying?

8K technology is emerging as the one with the highest screen resolution, given that it is 7680 ร— 4320, four times more than those offered by 4K and 16 times more than a standard 1080p screen TV.

Considering all this, it is expected that 8K televisions are sharper than their predecessors, offering greater visual fidelity, but are they worth it?

In this article, we will analyze some primary points that will help you understand why this technology is not worth it, at least at the moment, so pay close attention if you wanted to buy one of these.

No content available in 8K

  • There are many occasions when a new technology arrives. However, there is still no content available for it, as happened with 4K televisions and the situation is repeated with 8K TVs.
  • The manufacturers focused on working on a technology that offered a quality superior to 4K but did not consider that the error that had already happened with it should be corrected. When it came out, there was little that its buyers enjoyed with such quality.
  • If not thoroughly enjoying 4K televisions greatly limited the investment in this equipment, the same happens and will happen with those with 8K technology.
  • There are already more 4K content, but 8K content is not fully available, which also joins the video transmission needs, since this, for 8K video transmission, requires a connection of at least 50 Mbps, something that not many people can access.

Gaming performance would be very poor.

  • This point is closely related to the previous one since there is no content to enjoy in 8K includes video games. This is logical, considering that running modern games with this technology could discourage hardware developers. It is not impossible, but new titles with this technology would be costly for the final consumer.
  • Until now, the games that have been developed have great quality when running on 4K televisions. But you have to be realistic, it is something that is just being achieved, and that games are developed for 8K is something that will take a while, since the first thing that has to be achieved is that these can be accessible to the players.
  • About video game consoles, the latest versions of the most famous brands would come equipped with the ability to deliver 4K at 60 FPS, making their performance depend on optimization rather than raw power, as it passes the time.
  • Despite the provision in the new consoles to support 4K, it is impossible to think that they could manage 8K with an acceptable frame rate. There will always be the possibility that the consoles will be updated and can support 8K games or close to this, but it is not something that attracts much attention.
  • The ideal would be to work on optimizing 4K gamesโ€™ performance, which is currently still costly hardware so that later you can work on making 8K games more accessible since only for PC ones could cost thousands of pounds.


We have already mentioned throughout the other points how expensive 8K content development is. Still, a TV with this technology is also costly, which makes it a bad idea to invest at this time.

  • A TV with 8K technology can cost you more than ยฃ2,000 for the lowest-end of its type, but the models currently exist much more expensive, while those with 4K are now available at affordable prices ranging between 300 and ยฃ1,000.

In short, we can conclude that it is not worth buying an 8K TV at this time why:

  • There is no native content available with this technology, and when it does, you will need to have very fast internet to enjoy it fully.
  • Game consoles and computers will take a long time to be seen on these 8K charts, so you can forget about using those devices with 8K TVs.
  • They are extremely expensive at the moment, and with all the cons, it is a bad investment.
  • It will take a few years for 8K televisions to become more accessible to the public.
  • Developers will have to focus even more on making more powerful hardware to play with 8K resolution, which will surely take time.

If you want a wiser investment in this year, it is best to buy a 4K TV, but if youโ€™re going to wait for one with 8K to arrive, it is better that you have a little patience, since it will take a little while to enjoy content with 8K resolution.

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