The Apple Watch is one of the smartwatches most sought โ€“ after today. We would dare to say that it is the most desired product in its category. Even though there are attractive options out there, the American brand has managed to place it as one of its star products. It always comes up when talking about the best smartwatches on the market and, best of all, it keeps getting better with each edition.

If you havenโ€™t owned a smartwatch or if youโ€™ve tried some inexpensive options, you may be wondering if this wearable is worth buying. One possibility is that you consider that its price is too high or failing that, you doubt that it offers enough benefits for that label.

Although in the beginning, the argument of waiting for it to become a mature product well embedded in the Apple ecosystem was valid, now it is invalid. The Apple Watch is one of the complete watches you can find on the market and continues to release integrations that suggest that it has a bright future.

5 reasons why an Apple Watch is worth buying

Apple watch worth buying

1. Notifications

If you decide to buy an Apple Watch or any other similar device, you probably choose to do it thinking about easily and quickly access your notifications. Nothing like being just a glance at our wrist to read that WhatsApp message from our partner or family or the alerts about a new email from work. Instead of always pulling out your iPhone, it is much more practical and functional. In this sense, it perfectly fulfils that function.

2. Exercise and health care

In recent years, weโ€™ve seen the Apple Watch come strong with features to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. With specs like GPS, heart rate monitor, and recently even a blood oxygen meter, it allows us to track our habits and fitness regularly. It is presented as an excellent alternative if we want an efficient companion for our training sessions, without sacrificing its casual use. Furthermore, it can recognise multiple exercises, from jogging to swimming and cycling, to mention a few of the activities.

3. Payment system

Although it is not yet widespread in various markets, Apple Payโ€™s use radically facilitates our online transactions. There is no need to take out your wallet or mobile. You have to press a button and place it near the terminal of the establishment. In this way, the payment process is streamlined, but we also avoid exposing our bank information with the traditional plastic.

4. Organisation of activities

It seems like minimal incorporation, but having our calendar, alerts and pending tasks at hand greatly influences our day to day. For example, we can receive a pulse on the wrist every time a necessary appointment or professional commitment approaches. Still, we can also respond to an email or a text message by voice dictation. It is also perfectly integrated with the App Store applications, so there will be no frequent incompatibility problems.

5. Style and workmanship

It is no secret that Apple products are perfectly built and that they are benchmarks within the sector. They are trendsetting to such a degree that some of their competitors are swayed by their design philosophy. It will also depend on taste, but square screens indeed facilitate content consumption and navigation. To all this, we must add the numerous customisation options to choose the colour of the case and the strap.

Apple Watch Series 6

Series 6 is one of the new smartwatches. Its external physical appearance maintains the design line introduced with the Series 4, a model that introduced several revolutionary features such as fall detection and ECG to perform electrocardiograms by simply placing a finger on the digital crown.

However, there are changes in terms of colours. Now it can be purchased with the box finished in blue or red.

Along with this model, new straps/bracelets are also marketed, highlighting those with โ€œinfinite loopโ€ made of silicone and braided nylon, which do not have pins, buckles or snaps for adjustment.

This device incorporates a new blood oxygen sensor against four LED sets and four photodiodes integrated into the watchโ€™s back glass, which works together with the Blood Oxygen app to determine saturation. Another novelty that comes from the software is the sleep record and its analysis to determine its quality and that the user can decide to solve possible sleep problems.

Another novelty is that the Retina screen is now 2.5 times brighter, quite useful for consulting data and information outdoors when in bright sunlight. The always-on screen function allows you to review them without raising your arm or lowering rhythm. On the other hand, there is the new always-on altimeter, which records the difference in real-time both indoors and outdoors to obtain an accurate measurement of workouts.

The S6 processor provides more power, includes some or other improvements in terms of connectivity, such as compatibility with 5GHz Wi-Fi wireless networks, which are more powerful and transmit information more quickly. However, their range is not as high as the traditional 2.4GHz.

There are several versions of the 6th Series available depending on the manufacturing materials and connectivity.

Apple Watch SE

The other smartwatch presented at the companyโ€™s event is the SE model, a โ€œspecial editionโ€ whose main charm is the value for money, arguably the tightest ever relatively recent Cupertino wearable.

The SE model shares the design of the Series 4, 5 and 6, so differentiating them is difficult unless you pay attention to other details. The essential differences are on the inside, as it incorporates the S5 processor, so in form factor, it is a Series 5, but with some concessions.

This model dispenses with the always-on display function, and also the ECG to perform electrocardiograms. Although they are two interesting features, not all users see it useful, and that they are not available in the SE model has reduced their price considerably. It also does not have blood oxygen measurement, but it has the always-on altimeter to improve certain sports activitiesโ€™ accuracy.

Despite cuts in some sensors, the Fall Detection and Emergency SOS functions are still available due to the integrated accelerometer and gyroscope. It is also only available with an aluminium case (yes, with its three colours: gold, silver and space grey) and the large collection of straps that the company makes available to users from its store.

As we anticipated, the Apple Watch SE is the โ€œmodestโ€ model, reflected in its prices.

Series 3

It has been a surprise that brand keeps a few generations smartwatches in its catalogue simultaneously since it was believed that with the launch of the SE the Series 3 would end up disappearing. Released in late 2017, it continues to receive software updates (it supports watchOS 7, the most recent operating system that came out to users a few days ago).

Although it was the first to incorporate 4G / LTE Cellular connectivity, Apple has decided to dispense with this model and officially market it only in a GPS version, but this does not mean that it cannot be found in other stores.ย 

It does not have the most recent sensors, nor the ECG to perform electrocardiograms or other functions that the company may have included through software. It has considered that due to their characteristics (processor and RAM), they did not work correctly. It is also unclear whether the next big version of the system (watchOS 8, hypothetically) will be compatible with it, or watchOS 7 will be the last update.

It can be an exciting option for those who have never had a smartwatch and have an iPhone. Due to the price difference with the SE, the latter is a much better option as it has more design. Modern, better sensors and more features.

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