Subscription rather than repeat purchase has been around for a relatively long. From the oyster card for London underground ticket to tv series from Netflix, more and more services are offered through a subscription. This way, HP offer ink cartridges. “Is HP instant ink worth it?”

Indeed, HP offers to send you home, ink cartridges before the current ones are empty.

Subscription at an attractive price

Concerning HP, there are several reasons: to prevent the customer from purchasing cartridges of another HP compatible brand. Avoid recharging it himself. Dominate the subscription market to increase its volume of cartridges and thus reduce costs considerably. All this while ensuring a constant monthly source of income.

nstatnt Ink

Is HP Instant Ink Worth It?

Let’s compare the average cost per page of inkjet printers with this subscription.

Via the purchase of cartridges:ย 

Based on a quick research and buying XXL cartridge, the average print cost ยฃ0.07 but can quickly increase with each cleaning (and it is still quite frequent). Therefore, we can conclude that we will be over ยฃ0.07 for classic use after a few cleaning cycles. This is an average price for service in printing documents and some photos.

ย Via Instant Ink:ย 

As surprising as it may seem, the light printing cost ยฃ0.99 per month or ยฃ0,06p per page. If you never exceed 15 prints per month, that will cost you ยฃ0.99. But how much would you cost, for example, a month or you would have to print 35 pages with this package? The overall would be ยฃ2.99, or an average cost of ยฃ0.08 per printed page. 

The following price plans are:

  1.  ยฃ1.99 for 50 prints or ยฃ0.04 per print
  2.  ยฃ3.49 for 100 prints or ยฃ0.0349 per print
  3.  ยฃ9.99 for 300 prints or ยฃ0.03 per page
  4. ยฃ22.49 for 700 prints or 0.032 per print

Each plan has an additional charge if you exceed the allowance. From 10 prints to 15 additional prints for ยฃ1. 

Some practical information about Instant Ink

  • Paid plans might seem like a bad deal if you print very little for a month. This is why HP rolls over the unused pages for a maximum of three months. So if you only printed ten pages this month, you will have 50 + 50 + 40 or 140 the following month.
  • As soon as a cartridge drops below 30%, HP will send a cartridge back to you for free, so you never run out of fuel. They are much more full than all conventional cartridges, so the risk is very low. It is also noted when opening that their weight is significantly greater than standard cartridges.
  • You can return your empty cartridges free of charge so that they can recycle it.
hp instant ink - review

So is Instant ink more interesting?

Therefore, we can see that even the package at ยฃ1.99, which could be a false good deal in the event of regular overrun, is cheaper in all cases than through the purchase of cartridges.

So for an individual who prints a few pages per month, you can only be a winner, unless you pick a higher plan that is far too ambitious compared to the number of pages you will actually print.

It is more interesting if you print many photos and pay as much as printing a document!

Only professionals who print a lot may find a cost per page advantage with some professional refill printers like Epson’s EcoTank. That said, this guide is primarily intended for individuals.

Important things to know before subscribing

However, you should not rush and subscribe without taking the time to think it over.

The best is to start with the basic plan ยฃ1.99 even if it means paying a little in the event of overruns. Try it, and if you have to, you can upgrade your plan later.

So, Is HP Instant Ink Worth It?

Either way, you will pay less through Instant Ink than through purchasing cartridges. Don’t have to worry about buying cartridges up front, just as won’t worry about the high cost of cleaning cycles.

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