We were wondering, is Apple TV worth it? A quick overview is in order!

Apple does not hide it and aims to become a serious competitor of Netflix, not to say the leader. And it’s not the imminent arrival of Disney Plus and HBO MAX, that make things easier for Apple TV +.

Apple is preparing for the future, which is reflected in the sale of music, video game, and video services subscriptions today with Apple TV + launch.

Apple TV + is not just yet another streaming service. It is a new cornerstone for Apple to ensure a bright future.

Rather than going into an escalation by buying unifying programs. Who does not remember the 100 million that Netflix had to put on the table to keep FRIENDS in its catalogue.

Apple tv plus: a new streaming platform

Apple TV + takes the opposite view of the competition and offers several original series. The company offers from the launch the viewing of the first 3 episodes of each of its series.

For the most part, the seasons are made up of 8 to 10 episodes, the duration of a season will be released in less than two months to leave room for new releases regularly.

According to Apple’s promise, new products that should be released every month will be without advertising and on-demand. Oprah Winfrey and Night Shyamalan will debut at the end of November in the catalogue. Literary with a famous host program and a psychological horror series for the director of The Sixth Sense.

Apple TV + in addition to standing out on the original creation makes sure there is something for everyone by exploring various styles of programming.

Content overview

Apple has thought big and favours quality over quantity. This is the sinews of war. You will understand the quality.

The morning show

Morning show Apple tv plus

This is the series that made Apple TV + talk very early on thanks to its five-star cast.

The series follows the story of a pair presenting a morning show. Mitch (Steeve Carell), a co-host is accused of sexual harassment, while his co-host Alex (Jennifer Aniston has to deal with the fallout of this story while trying to keep her seat in the program.


ee Apple Tv plus

is the action series that Apple dreams of seeing become the new Game Of Thrones.

The pitch: the human race has lost the sense of sight; society has had to find other ways to interact, to hunt, to build and to survive. This balance is upset when twins are born with the ability to see. Baba Voss, the patriarch, must then protect his clan against a powerful queen who wants to destroy them, convinced that it is witchcraft.

For all mankind

Is the series that revisits the history of the conquest of space. The Russians were the first to take precedence over the moon, and NASA astronauts will have to deal with this setback through stories mixing family life and this haunting quest for space. You can see the diversity is there and just for that Apple TV + is worth a look.

How to watch Apple TV Plus

All owners of an Apple product will be able to view the content via the dedicated application.

Moreover, all those who have purchased Apple products since the beginning of September 2019 can benefit from a FREE year of subscription to Apple TV +.

For all other people who do not own any Apple product, you can access the service from a browser via the dedicated site. But also through eligible devices.


Apple TV plus is worth it but does not deserve to be subscribed, for the moment.

Despite the new and varied series, the catalogue is too limited despite £4.99 per month. Apple TV + does not yet have the locomotive series that will make us want to subscribe in the long term.

The current offering appears to be a beta under construction. Moreover, a growing rumour speaks of a bundle that would include Apple TV +, Apple Music, and other associated Apple services such as the cloud for example, for the months to come.

Amazon, for example, offers its streaming service by including it in Amazon Prime. The famous shopping site has understood that its reduced video catalogue does not allow it to be as offensive as Netflix.

The real start of the platform ware with the arrival of new players who have taken the time to expand their catalog before an international launch.

You can still try the Apple TV + service for free in 7 days and have your opinion on the launch catalogue.

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