I don’t know about you, but I was stunned to learn that the Dyson brand launched a hair dryer on the market. I though Dyson? But wasn’t that a brand of vacuum cleaners? And even more, after learning that the Dyson was better known as the most expensive dryer in the world.

Surely you have already heard about it: if it is the best hair dryer in the world, if it gives miraculous results if it restores peace in the world when you turn it on, I decided to give it a try see if the legend is true and I bought it. You can see the full Dyson Supersonic review.

So in this post, I will tell you the 8 main features of the Dyson:

The 8 features of the Dyson

1. Its design is impressive

The future has come to my house. Is it a magic wand? A lollipop? It doesn’t look like a dryer, and the design is gorgeous. What strikes me the most is the hole in the middle. How am I supposed to dry my hair?

 2. It causes less damage than most dryers

it has an internal temperature regulator responsible for regularly checking the temperature at which the air comes out to cause the least possible damage to your hair. This is of the utmost importance to me since I have delicate hair, and it doesn’t suit her to have someone try to fry it.

3. The nozzles are magnetic

I did not expect. They have hooked themselves when approaching. I have come up with three different ones: a normal one, a slightly narrower one to be more precise when straightening and a diffuser one, especially for curly hair (I will not use it too much, because I usually straighten my hair). Sometimes they fall off with the other dryer, but with this one, it sure won’t happen.

4. It is super light

Unlike the rest of dryers, the motor is in the handle, whose motor is in the “head”. This makes it very manageable, and you have more control when using it. Maybe for you, it is not a problem that the dryers are too heavy, but I am very lazy.

5. It is smaller than I expected

This is also an excellent advantage for me, as it is in line with my physical complexion. Also, so I can take it on a trip without taking too much space in the suitcase.

6. It has a lot of power

When I turned it on, I was surprised by the great power it has: I find it fascinating considering its lightness and small size. It was like testing a Formula 1 car. Oh, and the hole in the middle. How can it be so powerful with a hole in the middle? Of course, what a mystery.

7. It is a very quiet

OMG, what a difference. It has a high-pitched sound that is not overly unpleasant. Now I can talk or sing while drying my hair. What a luxury.

8. I don’t get those little “accidents.”

Whenever I have tried for straightening using a brush and a dryer, sometimes my hair gets caught in the back. I don’t wish it on anyone; it’s a pure pain. Well, with the Supersonic that doesn’t happen, because of the hole in the middle. There is no such filter, and my hair doesn’t catch on anything. Now I understand it all. This is a big win.

Is it worth buying Dyson?

It is much better than any other model I have ever tried. It strikes me as a luxury product with a beautiful design and highly advanced technology whose operation I still have trouble understanding. Comparing this Dyson to any other dryers is like comparing a car with an airplane.

Okay, I didn’t blow my hair straight, but I have to admit that my expectations were very unrealistic. The result on my hair has been excellent.

The only thing that bothers me is the price. There is no doubt that it is a great product, and if you can afford to buy it, it is a good investment for your hair.

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